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Posted on 01/18/2010

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Thank you for reading my profile. I sincerely hope you leave it the way you found it!!! lol

Ok heres goes. Wordsworth, Heaney, Oscar Wilde, ALL step aside... What your about to read will change your life forever.(lol) It will either pickle your brain, pump ur adrenalin, or puncture your artery!! Even better that THAT, it may EVEN kick-start your naughtiness you'd thought you'd lost...!!!!

Em, tryina think who i'm like?? Yes, well my facial expressions and sarcastic fun have been likened to 'Dec' outta 'Ant and Dec'!! I could stand at the side of that 'Britain's Got Talent' stage and join in their sarcasm without much problem!!!

I've fair hair, blue eyes, 6ft tall, athletic build - em, Ronan Keating (ish)?? Ive good teeth, no boobs, no grey hair, no nose-hairs, not many wrinkles, no hairy back (lol), no varicose veins, no black fingernails, no droopy belly, oh and er, I wax my bikini line pre-July!! (lol). Oh, and i dont hibernate in the Winter...

Ok...enough of the mush. Who's up for a REAL BUZZ and a laugh out of POF!!!.....i'm being totally serious!!!
Who wants to 'duck n dive'for some fun, while NOT watching every move each other make!??? And the more 'spontaneous'... Hell, THE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking for:
Im just like the guy next door! The nite we meet you will just sit beside me and it will be like we are resuming a conversation. Im THAT easy going! Id chat and smile to the pigeons ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Listen, im SO NOT after a 'Miss World', but also preferably not Dawn French either! lol... xx
Having said that, I DO LOVE HIPS... I also LOVE kids, and over-protective mums are also taken in my stride!!!!lol I can out-gossip you on all the soaps biz, and latest chick-stuff, whether its Come Dine with Me, Strictly Come Dancing, or Secret Millionaire!! But hey, IM STILL VERY MUCH a MAN amidst all that... HONEST.. YOU'LL SEE.!!.... Ive just had years of practice watching such stuff!!! lol

My top woman ever just HAD to be Marilyn Monroe...simply awesome in Some Like it Hot! xx (....Love Baby Spice's smile too though..., oh and er, Beyonce's hips...oh and the fair-haired, late 30s ITN Evening News-reader-woman ..LOL...her 'posture' is simply fabtastic!!!) If you find her name PLEASE EMAIL ME IT!! lol xx

Failing finding those, are there ANY '30 - 45' ladies among you, possibly in a rocky/boring relationship already, or if not, prepared to accept a bit of baggage just as I am prepared to do likewise?? Someone who wants to get their butterflies of their 'developing years' back by possibly 'duckin-n-diving', or 'cloak and daggering', or sneaking secret texts, leading to eventual 'rendezvous' to BRIGHTEN UP THEIR GOD DAMN BORING LIVES!!?????!!! There's BOUND to be a few out there!!!!??? C'monnnnn, I've HEARD yous ALL talk to your mates on the bus.. lol Ive HEARD yous ALL moan to your mates in work with your "IF ONLY things were different" lines. LIFE IS TICKING BY...GO GRAB YOURSELF A SLICE OF FUN BEFORE YOU CANT ANYMORE.....DONT ACCEPT ANOTHER TEN YEARS OF SUB STANDARD,NON FUN EXISTENCE!!! loL

OK..OK...I KNOW this is all a bit 'tongue-in-cheek', but your grown up enuf to get my drift. x I dont have major boxes to tick, so if your not hard work, and feel you could benefit from some laffs in your life...then feel free to get in touch!

Im not a 'player', and if i find someone very, very special on here, then i'll pull the POF plug, with fish caught, and steering my trawler-boat for home!!

....YOU IN SAME BOAT??? (not a bad pun, eh!) lol

Feel free to contact me. Im as safe as houses, and truly dont bite.. (unless booked in advance to do so!!!..) lol. The guy in the pic IS me... just ask the testimonials I bumped into around Xmas. I dont hide behind lies, and what you'll meet is WHAT it says on the tin xxx You honestly wont be disappointed!
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